Build Your PAR Can Light

Frequently Asked Questions

1What size light should I get?
PAR56 = 40W or 60W (Diameter: 7” x Height 7” x Weight 2 lb.)
PAR64 = 100W (Diameter: 8” x Height 7.6” x Weight 2.2 lb.)
40W = 300W PAR Halogen Equivalent
60W = 500W PAR Halogen Equivalent
100W = 1000W PAR Halogen Equivalent
2How does the Lotus Lamp fit into at PAR can?
See the Installation Sheet: Click Here.
3What are the color temperature options?
4What beam angle should I get?
25° - Narrow Flood Beam
40° - Flood Beam
120° - Wide Flood Beam
5How long will the Lotus Lamp last?
The Lotus Lamp has a lifespan of up to 50,000-60,000 Hours. Depends on the ambient temperature of the installation location.
6What Power Connections work with the Lotus Lamp?
E39 Socket – for E39 Mogul Base Socket
GX16D – For inside Par Can Connection
WC2 – Allows the Lamp to be wired directly into the line. (Need a professional Electrician)

1Is this Lotus Lamp DLC Listed?
Yes, all the Lotus Lamps are DLC Listed and are Eligible for Utility Rebates, providing greater savings from your energy provider.
2Is this Lamp Dimmable?
Yes, they are Triac Dimmable.
3Why select the voltage Option?
Triac Dimmable for use with 120VAC, 50/60Hz. only. If 277VAC is selected, a step-down transformer is required.
4What is the IP Rating of the Lotus Lamp?
The Lotus Lamp is rated IP65, Complete protection against Contact, Dust Infiltration and Water Splashes.
5Is this Product Sold Internationally?
No, PAR LED Lights only ships out to the United States of America. If you are outside the United States please fill out the form and see how we can help you.
6Is there a Warranty?
Yes, there is a 5-year manufacturer warranty.